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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yummy Sunday

I really like Dimsum they are not only palatable but I observe they are Nutritious and Healthy too. That is why I always go to restaurant that serves Dimsum, atSM CDO, Mandarin (Chinese Restaurant) Velez St. Cdo. I wonder who supply these restaurants of their raw materials so they can cook deliciously!I hope they knew that they can get supplies from alibaba food.

This is chicken teryaki. hubby like this, while I prefer their "tao si ba fish"

This is our most frequent order, "chicken feet"


  1. I used to love going out for Dim Sum when I lived in Vancouver. However, I've never tried chicken feet. LOL
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Hmmmm... adidas... should try... dropping for YS.
    My Yummy Sunday here

  3. The only time I got to eat chicken feet is through the street style bbq. I am so interested in tasting it at a restaurant.

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    Happy weekends!

  4. Yeah, we call that Adidas, but for this entry....hummmmmm....Nike! yeheaaaayyyy....terribly delicious....can consume tons of it!

  5. i love eating in Mandarin (cdo) evrytime i visit my pangga, we dine at mandarin for a snack of dinner

    here's my YUMMY SUNDAY entry

  6. Lamia man ni Junn. :) I love that chicken feet.