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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reading Glass Problem

When I was 17 years old I started wearing correctional eyeglasses. It was corrected then after two years. My eyes, nose rested from this thing hanging on them. Whew a relief.

Last 2007, when I took a bath my eyes got irritated maybe  with the chemicals of the shampoo I was using. My eyes turned red. I immediately went to an eye specialist to have it checked. Yes, it was because of the shampoo I was using but another problem was diagnose by the ophthalmologist I should have a reading eyeglasses. So right that moment I got my eye wear.

Two months ago I experienced headache and my eyes were always tired and strained. So last Sunday I tried to visit St. Jude Optical located at S.M. CDO purposely to have the previous eyeglasses repaired, one of the saddle bridge (a thing that hold the glasses on my nose) was removed. So I went to have it replaced. I realized why not used the opportunity for my eyes to be examined. I inquired to the attendants about examination.  It is free if we order an eyeglasses. I had my eyes examined and the doctor told me that my reading glasses grade have to be upgraded. She also added I'm to young to have that grade. I can have the lenses change using the same frame. I need it so I have to.

Now I have my new glasses but still the old frame it is much cheaper that getting the whole eyeglasses. I tried browsing about eyeglasses in the net and I found this: EYE GLASSES.COM. If I have not got one I might as well get from here!
This is cool! What a lovely frame

Modern Optical 10X201 Eyeglasses

Model: 10X201

Product ID: 400209019047

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  1. Well, Junneth, you have to take care of your eyes, without worrying about having things on your nose. LOL
    I've had cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I was too young for cataracts but they were caused by a medication I was given by several doctors, and none of them told me about the side-effects.
    -- Kay

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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