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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lutong Kusina ni Cozbie

Cozbie was my classmate in Grade six she loves cooking just like me. She shares to me some of her menu that her family love to feast.
Grilled lamb. You must try this. Some supermarket sell lamb meet.
Adobong pusit.

Sweet and Sour "lapu-lapu"

So Yummy right?These are the dishes that we Filipinos like to feast together with our family!


  1. wow, sarap, wala bang kanin..mag dadala ako tsaka malamig na coke hehehe

    happy yummy sunday

  2. hehehe...I do agree with you sis! I like these foods especially adobong pusit. Sis, I followed you in google connect hope you do the same.

    By the way, Sis I am hosting Christmas giveaways contest. Please Come and Join us now!


  3. Ga-adobong pusit ko las Friday Junn. But then its painful to remember the day before and after that.