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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking for Elderly Care?

     In the Philippines, entrusting our grannies in an Elderly care is not very usual compared to other countries. We prefer to care for them in their olden days though some see it as a burden. Especially when everyone in the family leaves the house to work, study and do other concerns. They were left all alone in the house. Good if our elders are still able to care for themselves. Worst is when they are already disabled due to old aged diseases. They really become a great load to us who have to work to earn a living.
     It is true that we are indebted to our olds for the care they have given us when we were still babies or kids.So we have the responsibilities to return to them the love and care when they are already old to take care of themselves. But, although we have the love for them we cannot deny that we sometimes can be harsh to them and sometimes we lost patience of course because of the works we have.
      That is why it is more practical to entrust them in an Elderly Care where friendly people can patiently understand them. And where can  have the opportunity to interact with people of their age than leaving them alone in our homes.
       Should there be Elderly homes in the Philippines than it would be a lesser burden to families who are working.

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  1. We tried so hard to keep our parents out of old-age facilities. But you are right, we were not equipped to take care of them. They were happy to be in a place where the staff understood them and loved them, where we could all visit them without the stress of trying to deal with their illnesses ourselves. We really feel it was the right decision, although it was very difficult to make the decision.