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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yummy Sunday- "Sinuglaw"

Filipinos Love this. It is a raw fish blended with spices like onion, ginger. You see a green lemon and calamsi on the top and with  grilled meat.

Your mouth must have been watering now! So click here and join Yummy Sunday!


  1. I haven't eaten this for a long time. :)will try this next time. :)

  2. Oh my gush ang tagal ko nang hinde nakakain nito. At kahit busog ako ngayon I am drooling. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it!
    Cooking Mussels

  3. Yes, you are right.. My mouth is watering.. Going to make something similar to stop my watering.. Hahhaha..

  4. my family likes this,ako lang yung hindi kumain nito. I tried twice to eat this haaa ewan ko ba, i can't swallow it. di matanggap ng sikmura ko.

  5. That looks absolutely delicious! Fresh fish is wonderful here in New England, but I haven't seen anything that looked quite as yummy.