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Sunday, September 5, 2010

#4 Yellow and#2 Blue Monday

   Observed this old, yellow Tamaraw car. This was the ride of more than 15 women who participate during the SGMI 1st Women Fellowship. It travels briefly 100 km. from Sukailang Surigao del Norte to Tandag Surigao Sur via Agusan Sur, Norte. It is still in good condition but maybe this has to be overhauled since there are some parts that has been eaten by rusts already.

   Have you noticed those blue tents? These are gifts of some American friends way back 2004. The second Youth Camp. Town folks were amazed upon seeing these. It was their first time to see tents so they were spreading the news among their neighbors " Uy, tan-awa ninjo mga payjong na bayay!" means "You have to see those umbrella house". 
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  1. The car is very yellow, perfect for MYM, and thanks for mentioning the blue tents, I would have missed them otherwise in the yellow glow!

  2. yellow and yellow talaga ang kulay ng sasakyan. I agree, perfect talaga siya sa weekly meme mo :)

  3. nice choice of photo...Great shot for MYM! Thanks for sharing...makakalingon ka talaga sa kulay ng car...

  4. wow, old but sporty car.. luv it yellow!

    hahaha! nahimuot ko sa payong nga balay!! asa ka dapit sa Surigao, Nette?

  5. Nice yellow car.. Great photo

  6. This is a very good photot and thanks for shaing the story. That's amazing that they had never seen tents.

  7. following your blog....Thanks also for following mine.