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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Combat Dengue Fever

"Dengue" rocks our nation (Philippines) because victims and fatalities keep on increasing daily. According to Department of Health (DOH)  Secretary  Enrique Ona, dengue cases rose to more than 62,500 as of August 21, the highest recorded number of cases in the country with 450 death recorded this year.
    This is alarming because we can or our children are also susceptible to be affected by the bite of this deadly mosquito.
What causes dengue?
     We all know that a bite of a certain mosquito "Aedes Aegypte"  carrying virus caused this unwanted disease. When it enters our body and our glands, it multiplies and can enter our bloodstream. When a person who's immune system is weak he/she can be infected with Dengue. This is not a contagious, a person cannot pass it directly to another.  


Who can be affected by this?
    Regions with tropical climate are at high risk with Dengue Fever. It is "endemic" to certain places like Southeast Asia and China. This is also affecting other regions like: Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, South and Central America and the Carrebian  Island and Australia. This mostly occur during or shortly after the rainy seasons. This commonly affect children under 10 years of age.

How will I know if my kid is already infected?

    Based on my experience (My youngest daughter Hannah) a high fever had occurred for 3-4 days and then on the fourth day it subsided but as I felt her she still is feverish and complained of muscular pain and tiredness. It was a sign that I have to bring her to the doctor for a check up. She have undergone series of CBC (Complete Blood Count) then the physician confirmed she had been a victim. Signs and symptoms may differ from one person

How can we combat this Deadly insect?
    There are several activities and habit we must follow to combat this. In the Philippines the DOH advertised the 4 o'clock habit. What is this? This are series of activities one should be engage in to eradicate if not control the  soaring population of "Aedes Aegypti". First, make sure that no rain water of clean water is reserved in an open container that can be a nesting place for this mosquito. Be sure to change the water in our flower vase every other day so the eggs could not fully developed as an adult. Second, make sure that our surroundings are clean and free from stagnant canals or dikes. Third, Cover all empty container and water container so it will not serve as breeding and nesting ground for them. and of course do not forget to apply mosquito repellent especially to the kids.  

       This must be a tedious task but as the saying goes an "ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of medication". Let us not be lazy in doing the habit. Definitely, we would not want to see our kids bleed to death. 




  1. One of the top killer in malaysia.......

  2. Azhar,then we are one in this mission... Combat dengue.. combat "Aedes Aegepti"