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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Gold Growing

    "When I was a kid I always believe the saying "at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold" that is why in my young mind I always searched for that end of gold. Until I matured and found the end of my quest. Did I find the end of it? Definitely you know the answer!
      Many are still searching for gold but not finding. Others even have risked their lives under a tunnel of uncertainties. But this one is certain. Many said this has been the secret of our Muslim brother in the Southern part of the Philippines. What is it? It will not be a secret if  I reveal, but if you persist on asking then I will spill the bean.
       The secret according to many is all about this Green Gold treasures that they have. Many Muslim brothers were able to buy luxury cars, build beautiful mansion and of course own wealth. They just buried this green gold even under their houses.
       Oh! I see your eagerness to know the secret!....... I must tell you now! This is  "Jakarta Ginger".
        This kind of ginger is big and is easy to maintain. All you need is a small space of land and organic materials. If you are interested then here are more information in growing and propagating this "green gold".
      The common way is to plant it in a pot or a small potion of lot. Dig a hole and place a small piece of ginger that has already a node on the hole. This is the common way. But we miss the way of letting grow more. We should have covered the new sprout nodes with organic soil so it can propagate more.
      Do not be so excited, of course you need many ginger that have sprouted. How to do have it. Some agricultural store sold this. But if it is hard to find one. You can have your own "seedling". All you have to do is to buy mature ginger and soak the gingers in water mixed with Amway Organic hormone overnight.Then remove the ginger from the water and drain it 'til it's almost dry. Place the ginger on a large cellophane, sealed it tightly so that the moist of the plastic will help the ginger to sprout.  Then you have your ginger "seedling".
A ginger seedling, ready for planting.
       We can also grow by sacking. Good for backyard gardening.
1. Prepare an empty sack (cement, rice, pellets and other sack.)
2. Place a little  organic soil ( decomposed chicken dung, rice hulls) in the sack about a span of your palm
3. Plant the sprouted ginger on the soil.
4. Then place the it on a shady place.
5. Just wait until another new sprout node comes out. Then cover it with organic soil evenly. The node will
    develop into a leaf but instead it will propagate another branch of ginger.
6. Repeat step number 5 until the sack is filled with soil to it's brim.
7. After 7 months you will be digging the green gold out from the sack. A small piece of it if properly cared it will yield 10-25  kilograms per sack.
Preparing to plant. Put organic in the sack!

Planting the seedling.

New leaf appears!
One month old ginger!
     Underground planting. Advisable for those who have bigger lot or farm
1. Look for an area which is not swampy. A cliff where water cannot stock to it.
2. Dig a rectangular area about 1 x 3 meters (length 1 and width 3 meters) and 1and 1/2 deep.
3. Put corn shells about 1 foot evenly on the pit. About 1 foot thick organic soil and rice hulls.
4. Then place 10 kgs. of sprouted ginger on the pit. Leave it that way.
5. Cover the pit with a plastic cover or something that cannot be soaked with water (vinyl floor mat is
    preferable. This cover should have  been prepared before planting.
6. After that, cover the top with soil. To be sure that water cannot penetrate under make a canal around the
    hilly part.
7. After a year you will expect to harvest 1,000 kilogram from 1 pit.
Unlike other plants, you have to manage it and apply  fertilizer on it within a given period. This ginger does not need much maintenance. It does not need fertilizer.All you have to do is to peep in the ground every after 2 months just to make sure that your green gold is okay You just let it grow under. Just like waiting to dig bars of gold.
   You don't need much to grow farms of ginger. One pit will just cost about 5000 php. In a pit you will expect to  harvest about 1000 kilograms and sold it on a market for let's say 30.00 php a kilo the least market. 1,000x30=30,000 php.See will expect to gain more than 50% of your capital. 
 Now you know why I say Green Gold Growing! It's just like digging gold. And you don't have to risk your life!


  1. This post was so very interesting and totally educational for me!!! Well written...I enjoyed this. A lot!

  2. Wow, wow, Green Gold Growing = 3G.. I learnt much about Ginger today. ;)

  3. Thanks Dear Anni and Krislin for the complement!