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Friday, September 17, 2010

#Nostalgia- Moments with Mom!

Moments with my Mom. We attended a Seminar Workshop in Davao me
wearing orange, faith in the center and my mother. She has been a wonderful
Mom, friend, boss, mentor!
      I have a little view of this word "nostalgia" I have to consult Webster first so I can write my nostalgic moment.
    My bittersweet longing for a person and place. I still recall most moment with my Mom, they are still fresh to me. My mother raised us 4 kids alone. She worked hard to earn so she can send us to school and build a house we can call our own. She really have to work like a cow to meet both ends.
    I remembered, she has to do part time teaching so she could earn extra money. She has to do editing of thesis and advising. I knew she was tired but never heard her complained. She was such a loving and caring mother.
    Although my mom rose to rank but her salary is not high as the rank she occupied. So. there were times we have to eat rice savored with salt or soy sauce. We sometimes bragged about it, we were still young those time and we never yet know why? We thought  she is just too fugal but I realized that she is just living within our means. My  greatest legacy from her " to live within your means. Never commit loans or made debt from anybody if necessary". "Maski wala mi sud-an dili gyud mangutang akong mama  maski sardinas sa abay nga tindahan" .( Though we don not have viand never my mom told us to beg or make credit from a neighborhood store). My young mind rebelled about this, asking "why can she not do it just like others are doing". Why can she afford seeing us eat without viand?But,  this time when I become a mother I understand. Mother's heart always want best for their kids. But there are times that you have to harden your heart for their own good. If mom was not thrifty enough, she might not be able to send us to school she set aside some needs for our education and of course to pay our house mortgage. 
     After my graduation, she was able to save money to buy a wooden sofa set. Then after months she again bought  colored  TV set as a substitute to a very old black and white TV.  I remembered, mom acquired it yr. 1988 when she got paid from endorsing a detergent bar. After a while a  brand new refrigerator as a substitute to our hand me down from a friend, she just had it repainted and fixed. Mom said "Be satisfied with what God enabled us!"
     Another,  she instilled in my mind the principle of "doing first things first before the other. Means prioritizing things. Know your priorities in life act on it by God's help and guidance.Never leave something undone. Give your best in whatever you do.
    We may not have those material things that everyone can boast of when we were yet kids. But I was grateful that God enabled our mom to get us a house. A house I always longed to visit after I was married. Thankful mom was able to send me to school.
     Now, she's gone I missed the house where our dreams were fulfilled. Where our laughs were heard and where our cries were comforted.    
    My mom has left me a great heritage that I also want to pass to my generation and the generation next to me.

Enjoying her "apos" grandchildren in the house she dreamed to keep us together.
New Year of 2007 before she was diagnosed to have Cervical Cancer.


  1. Mom mo yang nasa center sis? Parang ka-edad mo lang ha. You all look gorgeous!

    My nostalgia post sis is in my Heart's content of a Mama site. Hope to see yah! XO

  2. No Mel, that is Faith a co teacher, in the right side is my mother! Thanks for leaving thougtsfor me!

  3. Kaya naman pala puro kayo magaganda sis kasi si mama mo eh super ganda hehehe.. Sowi for the late visit. Thanks for joining.. Mwah!