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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mouse in My House

This small mammal is giving me head ache. It was able to get inside our house when the back screen was not installed yet. It comes running to and fro in every corner of our house. Leaving tiny stinky shits. I hate the odor of it. 

Hunting it!
 I set up a time where I can hunt it so I could let it out from the house but it moves so fast that I could not catch it. I was so disappointed.

Poison it!
   If plan A did not work, plan B might work. When I stop by the grocery I really got a rat killer so I could poison it to death but still I failed. This must be a smart rat that it can identify poisonous food. Hahaaiz!

Trap it!
   This might work. so I put trap on one corner of the house but still to no avail. Its still here gnashing and gnashing..good that our important documents are kept in a plastic organizer. 

Will not give up!
  I will not share my home to this small rodent so I have to call pest and rat control to help me get rid of thie small tiny creature that might harm my kids- my family's health

But if? .............. It would be Mickey and Minnie Mouse I will gladly welcome them in!

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Some facts about Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse.jpgMickey Mouse.svg  

Mickey Mouse
First appearance

Plane Crazy
Created byWalt DisneyUb Iwerks
Voiced by
Walt Disney (1928–1947)
Jimmy MacDonald (1947–1977)
Wayne Allwine (1977–2009)
Bret Iwan (2009–present)
Takashi Aoyagi (Japanese)

Minnie Mouse in the Disney 'Dreams Come True' parade at Magic Kingdom
First appearancePlane Crazy
Last appearancePresent
Created byWalt Disney and Ub Iwerks
Voiced byWalt Disney (1928)
Marjorie Ralston (1928)
Marcellite Garner (1928-1940)
Mae Questel (1939)
Thelma Boardman (1940-1942)
Ruth Clifford (1942-1986)
Russi Taylor (1986-present)
Yūko Mizutani (Japanese)
Diana Santos (Spanish)
Eun Yeong Seon (Korean)
AliasesPrincess Minnie, Maestro Minnie, Minerva Mouse


  1. This is one super post. Filled with great info.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit with me at Driftwood Tree on the Shore. Have a great Wednesday.

    As soon as I click 'post comment'...I will begin following you also!!!

  2. Such a cool post! I couldn't kill Mickey or Minnie Mouse either. Some of their little friends would end up sucked up in the vacuum cleaner after I got done screaming!

  3. I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse but cant stand the other normal rats.. Though small in size they are a big time trouble.. Thanks for the post! Have a gr8 day! Visit my blog Tea Book.