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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Word Filled Wednesday

   I always believe in the saying that "Patience is a virtue"......Yes it is but many of us don't have this... We often pray for God to give us patience and we say "lord I want it now!"
   One thing I learned during the Women's Conference I attended that if we would like God to change us we must have the "AA" what this means.?....Attitude Adjustment,   our attitude should be adjusted  to every situation that God is allowing us. That is the better situation if not the best event God placed us for a purpose.
   What we have to do is rest in Him enjoy His dealing. God is most glorified when we wait patiently for His hand to work in our lives.
    I remembered by sister-in law who is conceiving a baby and is about to give birth on October. I know how excited she is as she waits patiently for the coming of her baby. I promised to buy some baby layette for the upcoming blessing she is still waiting patiently!

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  1. Isn't that so true? We want patience and so many other things now if not yesterday. Growing up in Doctor's offices and hospitals and such I am pretty patient but even I have my moments! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the visit!