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Thursday, October 28, 2010

CC: I will Do It Tomorrow

Rodliz’s Nest

   Hi Mommy Liz I missed last topic of the CC. I was busy with coaching and doing my role as the former president of the Division Elementary School Paper Adviser, I have still to function as a president. Whew busy days are over. I can continue with this new found hobby. Hanging up for blogging.
   Yes, just like you there were several times my hubby told me "I will do it Tomorrow" and ended up doing it a month after. Anyway, he reasoned out "tomorrow never ends, there are still lots of tomorrow to come"and he still has to do this one first and that one next.... At first it really annoyed me, it made me mad. Specially when I want the result right away.In fact,  before I pretended to do it myself, (parinig kunyari ako nalang gagawa). But I realized I am grabbing him the role and the right to do things that a husband should do. Even grabbing him the right to work by himself. He has a mind of his own. I should not command...I just have to remind. ( Not a commander-in-chief but a secretary to remind.. what to do).
    I agree we should be slack sometimes with our hubby. Let him work things without wife compelling him to do. After all, if there are things left undone I am sure he is aware and he is just looking for a right time to do it.


  1. well, i think that's what being a couple is all about, doing things and not doing things, but still stay together, lol!

  2. Oo naman, alam naman ng mga hubbies natin ang pending works nila di ba? I used to do what my husband said he will do, but not anymore. I let him do it whenever he has the chance. I still want him to know na I need him to do things at the house. Baka naman sabihin nyang useless na siya kapag ginawa ko lahat ng gawain nya di ba? Kahit medyo naiinis tayo at we want the result right away, bayaan lang natin sila di ba? kasi it might take months before they do it, but we know that it will get done..mahintay na lang tayo kung kelan, hehehe..

  3. Huhuhu, late ako sa visit ko sis. Anyway, i agree with your post na we have to be slack with our husbands too. Though my husband is quite organized to the things he used to do. There are times he really needs my help like fixing house problems like when our kitchen sink got plugged. He doesn't know what to do. I can't wait to have it fixed coz I want to wash dishes. What I did is that i unhook a wire hanger into a stick and plunged it to the sink hole. After more try, the dirty water got into it and it's fixed. Shesh. yeah, I was proud and I made him proud because of me. lol. But I really told him that we could learn fixing things together next time.