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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Versatile Blogger Award!

   My friend Kero gave me this award. This is very memorable to me cause this is my first award as a blogger. It overwhelmed me to be counted though I know I have lots to learn yet in this blogosphere!

Thanks Sis for this Wonderful Award!

1. I am new a new blogger, starting to learn things and having fun meeting people and friends.

2. I am a new full time mother as I am quitting my public teaching position .

3. I can do my passion now, baking, cooking, gardening. and parenting.

4. I have many times to read books that I desire like "Because He loves Me"

5.I started  leading women Bible Studies.

6. I wanted to have a domain and earn through blogging.

7. I sleep late so I could visit friends and create traffic!

    Rules are simple. Pass this on to your Versatile Blogger friends and share 7 random things about yourself.
And it is my turn to give this award to my new found friends so I could  know them more:
Manang Kim
Sis Krislin Neo
Mommy Bogie Yummy Sunday
My sis Mel Cole Heart's Content
Hottin Anni 
Mommy and Madi of Thursday Theme Song
Roan of Rubbish by Roan
Post this when you have time and please do visit:

Kero's Celebration


  1. Thank you so much for accepting, for the link up and most importantly for passing it on to fellow bloggers.

    Teacher ka pala sis. i used to work for Departmen of Education before coming to Dubai =)

  2. Thanks Junneth! I am happy you thought of me. I enjoyed reading your 7 and have posted mine.

    My Hubby is a teacher. ;)

  3. Oh, wow, I saw my name in there.. Thanks Sis Mary Junneth.. I was surprised and blinked my eyes for like countless time when I saw your comment in one of my Poetry Post - Rain..
    Oh Sis Junneth, you have no idea how this means so much to me.. It just encourage me to write more... and how can I ever thank you enough.. Okay, I will do a post it soon and also include your button in my post.. Will let you know again and once again, *hug*
    You gave me my 1st award in the world of blogging/writing.. Thanks!

  4. Hello Junneth thanks for the kind thought. I would post this to my diva wife blog, later. Thanks again and happy weekend. By the way, I am following you too and salamat sa pag grab nang button ko, appreciated!

  5. Thank you for sharing the Versatile Blog award with us....we'll post it sometime next week....
    Madi and Mom

  6. Congrats my friend. I have to tell you that on your other blog I don't know if you are getting my comments or not. Something is wrong and any browser I try it's the same thing. I can't see what I'm typing and then when I hit submit I don't know if it goes or not. Believe me I've been commenting on all of your Thursday Theme songs :)

  7. glad to know about you sis....buti kapa mahilig mag read nang mga books....:)

    thanks for dropping by pala...glad to be here!

    Btw, you are invited to join my giveaway contest. Hope you can join us! Thanks....:)

  8. Hey dear Sis Junneth, I am back as promised.. here is my post after receiving the award from you.. http://www.tingsploration.com/2010/10/my-1st-award-in-my-writing-world.html
    I shared 7 random things about myself and expressed my thanks to you in there too.. :)
    Once again, thank you soooo much!

  9. Oh Junneth....thank you so much. It means a great deal to me that our friendship is growing, and I love reading your blog when I get a chance to stop by.

    And, may I congratulate you on getting your first award...very deserving!!!

    Hope your weekend has been super. Thanks again

    [I'll show off the award hopefully, sometime this coming week]