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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Ideal Comfort Room and Bathroom

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   While others in the Philippines do not have Comfort Room. Or let's say their C.R. cannot be classified as room that will give comfort. My family is blessed to have two. Most of all I thank the the Lord for enabling us to have the other one inside the Master's bedroom.
   Really, for me it is very comforting to have a comfort room that I only share with hubby. Although it is furnished in my eyes because it is already tiled it has water sealant flush type bowl and a wash sink. It still lack a something that for me is the most important facility in our Bathroom since the water in our subdivision comes from deep well and it is stock in a reservoir. During rainy season I cant stand the coolness of the stocked water that comes from our faucet. That is why I make it sure that there is a plug- in outlet in our comfort room so that whenever the Lord allows us to buy a electric  water heater we will not worry  where we get the electric supply for that heater. This is being optimistic.


  1. A very useful room to have next to the master bedroom. We have two bathrooms, but neither one is close to our bedroom.
    I hope you can get the electric water heater you want.

    Kay, Alberta

  2. The lab or sink is the same with ours but we are just renting this house though. thanks sa visit sis.

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  3. Hello Nette, thanks for the visit. Nindota man mo ug Bathroom. I like it coz it's tiles. Our's isn't. Daghan pang ayohonon. :) Exchange links nya ta miga. Ping me when you're ready.