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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm not feeling Well

   The kids I am tutoring with has colds. They keep on sneezing and wiping nose. Virus may have left on their hands. When I hold their hands for our writing stroke virus have been transmitted to me. This morning when I woke up. I felt headache and back pains. Ohhh! I am not exempted. Now, I have to drink diluted calamansi or lemon without sugar so my cold won't get worst. In also drink Vita C Plus

Vita Plus Health Juice Drink
Plus my kid came home from school yesterday with sore eyes. My eyes is already itchy now I hope this is not sore eyes or else I will have "sorry eyes".


  1. Get well soon.. My dear.. And I hope that drink will help.. As for your eyes, try using warm/cold used teabag and place it over the eyes.. For your kids, you can use the tea warm or cold too and dip the cotton pad in it.. It will ease the itch and also relax the eyes, speed up the recovery.. :)

  2. I hope you are well soon. I guess that's the danger of working with kids. You should probably be on Vitamin C every day.
    I had to look up "calamansi" because I'd never heard of it before. A very useful and versatile citrus fruit.
    I add honey to my hot lemon drinks. Honey is very soothing to the throat.

    Kay, Alberta