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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Counting days

    My brother Ysrael and his wife Lyka is counting days. And the blessing from the Lord will soon arrive...."Children are gift from the Lord". I just can't picture out their faces for the excitement they feel as they are expecting for their 1st baby and its a girl to be born 2nd week of October. 
During Ysrael and Lyka's weeding last April 2009
    This time, they are very busy preparing for the baby clothes, bottles and other needs of their baby. I am also excited for them. Praying for the normal and easy delivery.
    Welcome to this world lovely Baby girl! 


  1. A wonderful week of anticipation has begun. Thoughts and prayers with baby, her parents, and Auntie Junneth as well.

    Kay, Alberta

  2. Keep us posted, Sis.. :) Can't wait to learn the joy.. I can imagine what the mummy is going through in her mind now... :) Yeah, will keep the baby, parents, you and your family in my prayers.. :)

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  4. Congratulations and goodluck to bpth of them. Sis, can't cmment on your Friends Forever blog kasi naghahang sya once I have to put the word verification, it might work though if you removed the WV since all I have to do is post after I type hehehe..

  5. I pray for a save and healthily delivery of your brother's baby. Happy RT!