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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who's the Boss?- Couple's Corner


   I like your punch Liz.... "If my  husband is the KING of the house,  I am the ACE..Hehehe! just kidding.." 
Sometimes we take it lightly but partly this is true we ladies would like to dominate our gentlemen. Especially in the Philippines where women are tagged as "kumander" "commander-in-chief"....she is the one who decide, who orders, who plan at si mister ay "under de saya". 
    During early days of our life as a couple I can't deny that ours is something like this. The notion that I earn bigger than him, I pay the bills and I landed greater position in my work place became the scene in our home. I felt I am the boss. Thus, unknowingly my husband became in-secure but he never opened that up to me. We have a still a little knowledge of the God's designed marriage that time. We thought it is somewhat correct because we have seen  this portrait in many marriages here in the Philippines.
    But as we have grown  and known the Lord through His word. We have learned the Biblical Portrait of Marriage- the imagery of husband and wife relationship as designed by God. 
    Let me give biblical foundation, as this has become our basis especially for me to have "AA" Attitude Adjustment" I mean to change my thinking that my husband has given the authority by the Lord to decide, to govern and to act out his will ( Gen.2:19-20).And God made woman-wife to be a helpmate suitable for the man. Helper- corresponding to. Biblical term a woman who can correspond to his need, to his love. It does not mean that we woman is inferior than  man but God made them equal yet distinct in duty and function. 
   Knowing this, it was not difficult for me to submit to my husband's authority. God has given him the duty to Lord over our home. I have to submit to God's will and his will is for me to submit to my own husband as to the Lord (Ephesians 5:22, Wives, submit to your own  husband as to the Lord). At first, I have to argue... "Submit if?" but God has taught me I have to without excuse. My husband isn't perfect as the head but I have the faith that God will change him from glory to glory. My submission to him will make him realize to do what is best. To ask God's wisdom so he can lead our home and be the "boss" in God's way.
   It is liberating now, I don't have to squeeze my mind my emotion to take the lead. It was so stressful before. Today, am contented to be his helpmate. When he decide I still have the chance to give my opinion and talk about the pros and cons with him. He honors my opinion. Now, I can rest because I know my hubby will take care of everything as the boss!
   (The bible gives lots of Principles about married life it has been our guide. Matured people shared experiences also give us ideas and books about marriage are also helpful. I find this book:

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  1. that was a good story about awakening and reality check. thanks for sharing it with us..

  2. That's a great post Nette. I understand about when you were making more and felt like the boss, it just never happened to me. I used to make the money and hubby stayed home with the kids, and yet I had never felt superior over him. People are different in everyway naman di ba? Great thing with your marriage, your hubby asks for your opinion which makes you feel special. When hubby talks to me about work, or when he is planning on doing something, he talks to me about it and I am happy. No matter who the head of the family is, talking about big step regarding the family needs to be shared between the couple di ba?? minsan kahit feeling boss tayong mga girls, di pa rin tayo maka decide without our parnter's aproval..

  3. Good thing that both of you guys are guided by the Bible, only few couples have that chemistry..

  4. I do love the book you posted te and infact, I sent a copy to Jason for him to read. We are so blessed of having someone who really love the Lord and who always submit to the Scripture.

    Happy CC! And Belated Happy Teacher's day! :)

  5. Every confusion has its own answer through The Bible. I love your sharing and it gives me something to enlighten my relationship with hubby. Thank you :)

  6. When GOD is in your relationship nothing could really go wrong, and I am so happy to know that your relationship is guided by a BIBLE anyway girl just informed when you add so i could add you too thanks

  7. Aloha Junneth. I hope this comment works. I for the life of me cannot leave a comment on your other blog. The one where you do Thursday Theme Song. I can get the comment in the box but when I do the word verification I can't get anything entered. I've tried every browser and nothing works. Believe me I've tried every week. I don't know what's up. But I wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring you :)

  8. In every relationship to make it work, it is always a two-way street, give and take, and open communication. Your post is an eye-opener to those who are having problems with their marriage or with a partner. If God is the center nothing will go wrong.