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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Victory Over Pain

Winning it Over.....my mother still can smile comforted even stricken with 2 Big C's

It was May to July when my mother fought the battle of cancer.It was still fresh in my memory how she won it over...not to survive the ordeal but to won over the pains and sufferings brought by this deadliest disease among women the " cervical cancer".

Many friends and relatives who had witnessed a cancer patients themselves, wonder why my mother never cried for pain or gnashed her teeth as a sign of suffering. But instead she just hummed praise and worship song for God. We might conclude that it is by her strength that enabled her to do that. Certainly not! I believe that behind those pains God's comfort was perfect for her. That is why amidst of it she can still sing and praise God. Who became "the joy of her salvation."

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