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Wednesday, July 28, 2010



It was dawn of September 3, 1972, when a baby girl was born to a wonderful couple on that time. Her mother chose to call her Mary Junneth, Junneth is a combination of Junnie her father and Nonette her Mother, to make the name Christian as Filipinos see to it that every child's name is in the list of names found in the bible they placed Mary in the beginning.

My mother raised us (4) kids alone. When I turned 5 years old, the relationship of my father and mother became shaky and ended up in broken marriage. Our mother worked hard to rear us up in the way we should. She worked hard to sent us to school, to fed us, to cloth us, and even provided us extra needs. she also never forgot to inculcate values to us.

As I grew up I learned life. I like reading books. I also like cooking and baking (although I did not learned it from my mother, my aunt cook every time she cook I observed her. I learned the craft). I also like composing short stories, writing feature stories and poetry. I like to discover things and how they are done.

I like studying Philippine History so I can have more idea on how our culture had became and trace my roots.

I am also into searching.. researching things and topics using the internet so I can learn more as I believe that "Learning is a continues process."

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  1. Hi Junneth. Thanks a lot for visiting and appreciating my blog. Read your life story. Your mom must have raised you well for you become a very positive person. You learned a lot and you excel in what you do. For that, I salute you and your mom ;-)