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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hannah's Stain

Hannah's Stain

Meet Hannah my youngest girl who is fun of anything that made her clothes full of stain after

My youngest girl is so active and playful. She tries to explore things play with it manipulate it. Plant leaves, paints, my cosmetics-nail polish, eye shadows and lipstick nothing can escape from her imaginative world and fun. After those activities expect to wash clothes full of stains. It made my back ache scrubbing all those blemishes left on her clothes.

Solution ? To surf tips on how to remove stains and dirts without fading the color of clothes or making it still look not worn out.


Things You'll Need:

  • Soap
  • Detergent
  • Ice
  • Dry cleaning fluid
  • Ammonia
  1. Step 1

    Let's start with grease stains. Most grease stains can be removed by simply rubbing them well with soap or detergent and then washing the clothing in hot, soapy water. If, however, any grease stain still remains, try to sponge the stain with dry cleaning fluid. This should remove any remaining stains from your clothes.

  2. Step 2

    Next let's look into how to remove gum from clothes. First, you'll want to chill the stain with ice until the gum easily rolls into a ball when scraped. Then you should sponge off the remaining stain with dry cleaning fluid, wash in warm soapy water, and rinse well to fully remove the stains from your clothes.

  3. Step 3

    Another common clothing stain is from ink. First, you'll want to rinse the clothing in cool water, and then wash it in hot soapy water with a few drops of ammonia added and rinse well afterwards. If any stain still remains, add 3 tablespoons of oxalic acid crystals to 1 pint of water, and soak for 15 minutes. Follow this with a good rinse of water mixed with a few drops of ammonia. It's amazing how well ammonia works to remove stains from clothes!

  4. Step 4

    A common clothing stain for women comes from their best friend: lipstick. To remove lipstick stains from clothes, you must sponge the lipstick spot with dry cleaning fluid, wash the clothes with warm soapy water, and rinse well.

  5. Step 5

    Another common clothing stain for women comes from nail polish. To remove this stain from clothes, you need to first soak the stain with acetone or any nail polish remover. Then wash the clothing in warm soapy water and rinse well.

  6. Step 6

    Now here's a good stain for men and women: paint. To remove paint stains from clothes, first try to remove as much of the fresh paint as possible from the clothing. Then rub the stain with dry cleaning fluid or pure turpentine, wash in warm soapy water, and rinse well.

  7. Step 7

    Another common stain that needs to be removed from clothing is from blood. To remove blood stains from clothes, you'll need to soak the fresh stain in cold water until the stain turns light brown. Then wash the clothing in warm soapy water. If any stain remains, soak the clothing in a mixture of 2 tablespoons of ammonia to each gallon of water for 15 minutes. Then wash and rinse.

  8. Step 8

    To remove coffee and tea stains from clothes, you should first soak the stain in warm soapy water and then wash the clothes as you normally do. If any stain remains, try bleaching the stain with chlorine bleach and sponging the stain with dry cleaning fluid if there was any cream in the coffee.

  9. Step 9

    To remove fruit stains from clothes, stretch the stained clothing over a bowl and pour boiling water over the stain. You may have to repeat this process several times before you wash and rinse. If any stain remains, try using some household bleach.

  10. Step 10

    Lastly, a very common stain for kids is the all too familiar grass stain. To remove grass stains from clothes, first rub soap into the stain and scrub. Then wash the clothing in hot soapy water. If any stain remains, you can try to bleach the clothing in a solution of 1 teaspoon sodium perborate to one pint hydrogen peroxide. You'll want to be sure to first test this solution on an inconspicuous part of the clothing. If the solution tests safely on the clothing, soak it for a half an hour or longer and rinse well.

This instruction has been helpful to me might be for you also

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