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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Oh My God, My Teener
Having high school children at home is interesting, annoying and heart breaking. This is crucial stage in life. Teenagers  thought they are big enough to decide for themselves but too careless to be responsible in their actions. They thought they are always in the right track and parents or adults are antagonist and kill joy.

At home we have 2 high schoolers a boy and a girl. They annoyed me sometimes especially when they play sound so loud and choose Music that you think do not suggest lesson in life. If tell them to slow the tune down they will just ignore. There are more  annoying experiences in rearing grown up kids that "Oh my God, test our patient. That if you do not handle carefully would lead to clash of principles and they;ll look at you as such primitive old people. They broke our heart into pieces because we also look at ourselves as person of authority.
      Parents should be wise enough in handling teenagers. In a way that it should not be too slack and not so strict. Either of these might cause negative effect to our youth. Too slack may lead them to be liberated and be led astray. Too strict and tight may lead them to rebellion. We should sometimes go down to their level so that we may understand them. But the best way to rear up young ones is through the word of God ( Ephesians 6:4, Parents do not bring your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.)
     Indeed parenting  teens is a challenge and we could beat this with God's help.


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