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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanking God


     In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus ( I Thessalonian 5:18). 
   It is is really difficult to do this especially when we are confronted with many pressures and trials in life. Just 3 day ago my daughter Juwella has a fever. I was beginning to worry about things which do not exist yet. The "what if"....What if Juwella has dengue- it is on it's season in the Philippines during rainy days. What if she has viral infection and it will get worst? The very root cause of these worries is the financial aspect and maybe lack of faith.
    Many Filipinos don't have savings or any budget for health aspects. Going to the hospital for check up is not a habit. We went to see doctors when health problem gets worst. It is our least priority. But when sickness comes at the back of my mind is the thought of neglecting to have a "Pre-med plan" for myself and my children. I want to blame my self for this but what can I do when my budget is just enough for our basic needs.
   Now, I'm in this reality who can help but my faith. My faith that God is our healer. He will heal my daughter from her sickness. God knows our capacity. He knows our limitations. He allows thing to happen for a purpose that we might know Him more and grow in our faith.
   Though Juwella is not completely healed right now. I trust God that He will do it. He will even enable my family to get a  medical plan for my us so we could be prepared. He allowed me to see this so I will know the need and has to consider it.
   " Thank you Lord for letting me see things as You see it. Thank you for giving me faith to believe. Thank you for letting me experience trials so I can see You working in my life. Thank You for all these experiences. Thank you for the realization that you allowed things for your greater glory! Amen!"

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