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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Laundries Drained Me

These are 30% of the clothes I washed with my hands. 

    Whew! I was up hand washing dirty clothes for almost five hours. It made my back painful.This is one of the toughest job every mother is facing. If I can only get rid of this chores. But....
    Stephany usually do the laundry every Saturday because I make it sure that I washed the 2 kids, mine and my hubby's clothes everyday.
    But still the dirty clothes every Saturday is like mountain because my younger brother  brought  home his one week's dirty clothes from his dormitory. Plus we change our bedsheets pillow cases and towels during this day.
    Stephany informed me that she had to wash clothes on Friday because their Prelim Examination was moved to Saturday. I want to make protest Jonathan's clothes are the major laundry on Saturday, it means there is no other person who can wash it but me. Another is, She will use washing machine, we only use it once a week. So I'll end up washing with my bare hands. I'm afraid that if we break the routine..(use Washing machine once a week) our electric bill would soar high. It would mean a strain to our monthly budget.
      I really have to do the hand washing! I am tempted to use the washing machine but the electric bill!? If only my hubby could  afford  to provide  an energy saving device connected to our electrical meter I would not be hesitant to use any electrical device that would make my job as a mother lighter and easier.
Some of the clothes I hand washed still in the laundry line not yet fully dry.

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